About Orion Tackle:

My name is Mike Dahlager and I am an avid  Chinook and Steelhead fisherman.

I have been field testing my lures on the Snake and Columbia Rivers for many years. The bottom line is this. These lures catch fish!

Previously, I sold these lures directly to other fishermen. Since January 1, 2017, I have been manufacturing them under the name Orion Tackle.

My lures are superior in four important ways: 

1. Other manufacturers make similar lures, but they use cheap, imported components. I use only the best components I can find.  

2. Shoddy foreign workmanship has become all too common. Every lure and spreader is crafted to the highest standards of quality–my own. 

3. My lures and spreaders are made in Spokane, Washington.

4. A No Nonsense Guarantee. Should any lure or spreader fail, it will be immediately replaced at no charge.

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