Caterpillar lures come with two hook options–two Gamakatsu red Big River hooks, or a Mustad #1 Slow Death hook. Each lure has a Smile Blade in a red scale finish. Each lure has contrasting gold wedding rings with red rhinestones. They come in two bead sizes, 6mm and 8mm.  All lures are tied with P-Line 15# CXX clear leader.  

The preferred method of fishing these lures is to troll them just above the bottom, but they will work equally well behind a bottom bouncer at 1.2-1.5 mph.


Caterpillar wired lures come in two sizes, 6mm and 8mm. They are also available in two bead colors, lime green and black. Each has a red or black Gamakatsu Big River hook attached with a split ring.

These lures are designed to sink due to the use of a heavy wire core, glass beads, swivels and hook. Because of this unique sinking feature, they are easily fished by casting, twitching or attached behind a bottom bouncer.


I am also introducing five new additions to the Koke/Eye family of lures. These lures are designed to imitate Chironomids, a major food source for trout, walleye, kokanee and pan fish.  

For walleye, a red or green chironomid imitation with Gamakatsu #4 Big River hooks. For kokanee, smaller Gamakatsu #6 Big River hooks are spaced closer together than the walleye version.

The latest addition to the Koke/Eye Chironomid family of lures is the Chironomid Mini with a single #6 Gamakatsu Big River red hook. This lure has a rubber stopper to keep the components together when casting and twitching. This lure is much smaller than our other chironomid lures at just one inch overall. It casts well on a fly line, twitched or behind a bottom bouncer.

The preferred method of fishing all of the chironomid lures is to twitch them just above the bottom, but they will work equally well behind a bottom bouncer at 1.2-1.4 mph. 

As to bait choices, I would use a plastic shrimp, maggot or kernel of corn on the top hook of the worm harness versions, and the scent of your choice. And of course, use a night crawler on the Slow Death hook.

NOTE: Koke/Eye lures are available in Spokane exclusively at:

Gamble’s Tackle Shop

10925 N. Newport Highway, Suite 8

Spokane, WA 99218

509 993-8668